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About Us

Kemilinks International Pte Ltd was incorporated on April 12th, 2001. The company is headquartered in Singapore with operational offices in Malaysia and Thailand. The mainstream of businesses is in Technology Innovation, Engineering & Services, Products Distribution and Business & Engineering consultancy. the years in operations, the company has achieved tremendous success in various sectors. Kemilinks International has successfully built a foothold in Singapore and in the Asia – Pacific region providing a growing range of satellite based application, products and services. With a team of highly capable software and hardware engineering team, the company is recognised internationally for its solutions and services.Focusing on satellite based remote monitoring and control, the company had invested, developed web-based and client server applications to provide asset tracking, monitoring and remote telemetry solutions.


The company has also been approved by the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to provide the V/19-1 Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) services. Designed and Developed by the company engineering team, our LRIT system is currently providing remote tracking for thousands of vessels under flag states such as Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar and few others.

The company had invested and developed a comprehensive suite of web-based and client-based server software applications based on its proprietary iVATS architecture. Some of our key products:
(i) iVATS Fuel Monitoring and Vesel Tracking System (iFMVTS),
(ii) iVATS Fleet Management System (iFMS),
(iii) iVATS Vessel Monitoring System (iVMS),
(iv) iVATS Remote Radioactive Materials Monitoring System (iRRMS), and
(v) Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT) system.

iRRMS is used to monitor and track radioactive materials in upstream and downstream sectors. Our system has been widely deployed in Middle East and North Africa in monitoring and tracking all these hazardous materials. iFMVTS has seen more than 100 installations and is used to remotely monitor the vessels’ engines performance and fuel consumption in helping vessels owner to optimise their assets. iFMS and iVMS are land and marine based mobile assets tracking solutions.

Our LRIT had been deployed across major Southeast Asia ship registries in meeting IMO requirements.

The company distribution arm focuses on high technology products distribution. Currently, the company is a regional tier-1 value add distributor for global satellite operators Thuraya and Iridium.

Leveraging on our business and engineering experience, the company has undertaken various business and engineering consultancy works related to sectors such as energy, marine, industrial and technology. We ensure that customers have the full benefits of having the best of breed system in place with a peace of mind. The company is also able to undertake key project management and engineering roles in helping customer to manage turnkey projects.

Management Team

Mr. Frankie Neo Kim Thuay,
Founder & Managing Director

Frankie was the founding member of the company and he holds a Masters of Engineering degree in Microwave Engineering. He had over 30 years of management and technical experience in the telecommunications and satellite applications industry.

His vast experiences include being a member of Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) top management team, Regional Director for Inmarsat Asia Pacific and an independent Director on I-Comm Technology Limited Board.

Frankie was also one of the original founding members of Teledata Limited group of companies. He founded Teledata with Tan Sri Dato Shamsuddin Bin Kader of the Malaysian Sapura Group of Companies which Frankie also contributed.

Widely recognized as an industry veteran, Frankie was appointed as an Advisor to the Thai Satellites (TSC)/Ucom group of companies, which is one of the original investors in Iridium LLC. Frankie acted as the Senior Vice President of TSC’s Iridium Business Development and represented TSC on Iridium’s board discussions.
During the opening days of the People’s Republic of China, Frankie invested and acted as advisor to other investors into China.

Mr. Chusuk Bumrungtrakul,
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Chusuk holds a Bachelor degree in aeronautical engineering from USA and was a licensed aircraft engineer. He had deep business relationship with many renowned manufacturers such as Marconi and many others. He founded various successful companies specializing in various telecommunications and industrial projects. He had over 30 years of doing business in South East Asia and was credited for supplying and building the Voice of America and BBC Far East stations in South East Asia. He founded and was chairman of the TMS and Horizon Mobile Communications Co. Ltd (HMC) group of companies. HMC was a major provider of Inmarsat and Iridium air-time services to a wide customer base of shipping companies.

In 2005, HMC was sold/divested to Satcom Distributors of UK, gaining handsome returns for all HMC investors.

Mr. SH Tay,

SH Tay holds a Bachelor of Engineering and had been in the telecommunication and satellite industry for many years. Bringing his vast experiences in operations and project management; he is currently responsible for the general management and operations of the company including business development.

Mr. Ryan Liang,
Director of Finance & Admin

Ryan holds a Bachelor Degree in Management from Concordia University, Illinois, USA. Being part of the company since its inception, he was responsible for the overall management of administration and finance department of the company.

Mr. Kyaw Soe Ya,
Head of Engineering & Software Development

Soe Ya holds a Masters Degree from National University of Singapore specializing in software engineering. He was the software architect for the data exchange logic of the LRIT platform. He is currently entrusted and responsible for overall management of the engineering department. Having extensive experience in software design and development, he brought with him extensive experience in remote telemetry using satellite terminals and satellite traffic hub for ship/fleet tracking, VMS, fuel monitoring onboard ships and remote warning systems.

Mr. Neo Bock Sim,
Head of Terminals Development Team

Bock Sim is a Telecommunications Engineer who had worked many years with Singapore Telecommunications Limited. He brings with him extensive experience in mobile satellite terminals (C/mini C, D+/D2/ISATM2M, BGAN etc), Iridium Terminals and was responsible for onboard ship installations. He was also heavily involved with the development and roll-out of the Kemilinks Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) prior to SSAS being made mandatory by IMO. Bock Sim was also responsible for the integration of SSAS with LRIT.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Thinh,
Software Director

Tien Thinh holds Masters Degree from Nanyang Technological University specializing in software engineering. He was the software architect for many of the company software module. He is currently managing the company software design and development cycle.

Mr. Elijah Tan,

Elijah currently is heading the Network Infrastructure team. He is entrusted for the maintenance and upkeep of all network infrastructure, servers and related software. Apart from network infrastructure responsibility, he is also heavily involved with the satellite based video streaming platforms supporting all the company’s broadcasting clients.