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iVATS Satellite Remote Monitoring & Control System (iSRMCS)

Kemilinks’ proprietary iVATS Remote Monitoring & Control System (iSRMCS) is designed for remote monitoring and control of key equipment/system such as national alarm system, water network etc. The system is ideal for remote and monitoring over a vast network that comprise of remote areas.

Utilising our proprietary MCU, iSRMCS can be integrated fully with any sensors. Information collected is sent to iSRMCS server for display and remote control.

Designed with flexibility, the system can be customised to suit end user requirement and needs easily. With a map view, end user can see the location of their equipment based on GPS positioning.

Application areas:
 Lighthouse monitoring and control
 Buoys monitoring and control
 National Disaster Warning System
 Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Control
 Key equipment/machineries monitoring and control
 Environment Monitoring

For further enquiries, please kindly email to
iSRMCS Brochure